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Ranong, Thailand

Val Yoder, Collier Berkshire and myself traveled to southern Thailand to visit Michael Stoltzfus and David King October 24-28. These young men are studying the Thai language in preparation to minister to the Moken sea gypsy people. These people were a despised and rejected people group that lived in poverty and very primitive conditions up until the December 2004 tsunami. After the tsunami physical aid began to pour in and numerous missionary organizations began to work among them to bring them the Gospel. One of those missionary organizations is STAMP based out of Malaysia. Michael and Dave are working with this ministry. We would love to send some IGo students to work along side of Michael and David in the future on their ministry trips. The vision and passion these two young men have for the Lord and and his missionary work is something our IGo students need to experience. These two young men can teach by example which is far better then instruction. 

L to R – Raymond Burkholder, Michael Stoltzfus, Collier Berkshire, Val Yoder & David King

Traveling On A Long Tail Boat With A Moken Village In The Background

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