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It Is Moments Like These….

    A hut clings to the side of a mountain. A fire burns on a hearth as we enter. A window allows streams of light to cut through the dimly lit room. We sit on the floor in a circle and talk and sing over steaming potatoes and milk tea.  It is ten minutes before we notice a set of wide eyes in a dark corner in the room, watching.  She is paralyzed and cannot speak, except through her smile.  And it speaks volumes.  We sing one last song, “How Great Thou Art”, in several different languages. Then there in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains we lay hands on the young girl and join her parents in prayer for healing, but most of all for God’s glory to go forth.  We leave the hut and enter the bright sunlight with our stomachs full of the delicious breakfast of hot potatoes and milk tea, and hearts overflowing with the smiles of a young invalid. As we pass three baby goats playing on the path, we ponder how God will answer our prayers. We wonder in awe at the bond Christians can have across language barriers, lifestyles and cultures.


Sister Rosa teaching a young sisters class at the youth conference

A large open room on the top floor of a hotel is filled with ladies.  Notebooks are open and pens are ready to take notes.  Eyes are full of anticipation.  Throughout the three sessions that we had with these ladies, we asked these questions: Do you know God as your Father?  Do you know the identity and value that He has given you as His daughter?  The answer to these two questions affect every area of our lives; and we looked at practical ways that we can live out of the identity that God has given us as we seek to honor Him in our personal lives and also in our relationships.

An altar call is given on the last evening of the conference. Without much hesitation young men and women head to the front of the church and fall on their knees.  Tears flow as God’s Spirit moves in the hearts of these young people and commitments are made.


Many youth in brokenness before the Lord, giving their lives in full surrender to Him.

It is moments like these that make the jetlag, the squat pots, the hard beds, the smells, the time off work worth it all… above and beyond. It is this that draws us… the interaction and fellowship with Christians worlds apart from my own, conversations with youth and those that do not know Jesus, and the reminder that we were not created to seek comfort and safety but rather the Kingdom of God.

Editor’s Note; The above article was written by Janelle Burkholder and Rosa King. Both sisters traveled with the MTM teaching team to Okhaldhunga village of Nepal, January 19-27 for a 4 day youth conference. They were teaching a youth sisters class at the youth conference. Janelle is from Lancaster, PA and serves as a school teacher at THMH. Rosa is part of Ransom ministry associated with IGo. Thank you so much for serving the Lord through MTM. May the Lord reward you openly for your labor of love in His behalf. 


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